Bare Conductive

Francine Chan, Teo Cjia Min

Peg It

Say No To Electric Shocks!

Bare Conductive was a week long materials workship/masterclass held by SP x Chris Lefteri. In this intensive workshop, we learned about different materials, some still in the experimental stage and found out more about materials development before they are mass produced. We were also exposed to rare materials such as different types of sillicone, materials that react to UV as well as rare types of leather and how they can be incorporated into design.


In the second part of our workshop, we had a hands on session with experimentation and prototyping a lesser known product, known as Bare Conductive paint. It is a unique type of paint that can safely transmit electric currents and we were required to come up with 5 different ideas per group of two, which were eventually shortlisted and created in physical form. 


Peg it is an interactive clip board to attach notes and reminders. When clips are clipped on and not pressed down, nothing will happen but when the painted side of the clip is pressed against the black strips, the clip lights up.  The LED light acts as a reminder for urgent notes. The black strips are painted on using bare conductive paint which allow electricity to run through safely and light up the bulbs and the product has a raw finish to add a a touch of fun into any space.


Buzzboard is a safe and interactive teaching tool for children to learn about circuits. Buzzboard comes with LEDs and resistors with labelled tags that serve as a teaching aid. Batteries need to be clipped onto the wires at one end of the board. With its simple set up, learning will be a fuss free event! The boards are made of cork and painted with bare conductive paint which is safe to touch even when the batteries are turned on.