AO21CF (Archeologists of 21st Century Fears) is a two-part exploration of systems designed to hate the act of censorship better.


The first part operates virtually and gathers people to discuss current problems and proposed solutions for the lack of freedom of speech surrounding established structures of power and corruption. In times of chaos, conspiracy and abuse of power, AO21CF combats situations of extreme surveillance and abuse of human rights through a heavily encrypted decentralized platform where the initiation, identities of individuals and organization are kept in shrouded secrecy. No one solution can be applied to the convolution of corruption in leadership therefore, AO21CF is a complex network of applications targeted towards combating this issue.

The second part is a physical investigation on the implications of curbing protest in Singapore by researching how the perception of a stage of censored compliance is established in a material culture essay, leading to the hatred and fear which manifests from this censorship.

<<Do Hate Better>>


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Welcome to the anti-censorship induction.

We’ve gathered to discuss the current problem and proposed solution for the lack of freedom of speech surrounding established structures of power and corruption.

In times of chaos, conspiracy, and abuse of power, it is even more important to collaborate to solve pressing issues.  

Recent individual attempts by activists, artists, hackers have led to precarious situations that paint the innocent as criminals.

The main problem we want to solve today is a safe and effective solution for all forms of whistleblowing. I have established a decentralized platform for talented individuals of all professions to come together and solve ongoing and new issues around the world.

the induction

Hate - Hate

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<<part 2>>

do not step

into the square!

The research looked at how discipline is maintained and its consequent effect of self-policing, followed by case studies of activists and artists who had used the space with repercussions for subverting the laws.


This led to my critique of censorship within this space on how it disguised itself as a space of free speech but ironically turns itself into a self-censoring space of repressed dissent in the name of public order and harmony.


DO NOT STEP INTO THE SQUARE highlights the absurdity of self-censorship in a space of protest. This is presented in the form of a zine where I break down this site and questioned what it means to operate within the regulations of that space.

The Guide

Walk around -  in loops

If you feel the need to engage with the square, Walk in loops to disorientate yourself. Avoid eye contact and other people. Take your mind off whatever is bugging you.


Walk around the square

The next step of your disengagement involves avoiding physical space. You will train yourself to resist the urge to explore it or take part in any protests within it. DO NOT STEP INTO THE SQUARE


Take a bus

If you are unable to physically avoid stepping in, try riding a bus that passes by, allowing you to steal a glimpse of it. The moving vehicle will protect you from the space, and it from you.


Watch protest videos

You may occasionally indulge by watching protest videos online. Do not do this frequently to avoid harboring rising feelings of dissent.


Does this square patch of grass masquerade as speakers corner really convince the world that it promotes the freedom of speech?

Do Hate Better.

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