This is the overarching project from the Set Design module which took place over one semester. We studied the brief history of theatre, lighting design, set design and focused on creating a set for a story based on Romeo and Juliet.


We wanted to create a play that maximizes audience interaction allowing them to be completely immersed in the conflict and underlying themes of the story.


The idea was to reexamine the approach towards theatre to make it a more immersive experience and also redesign set transitions in found spaces.


We chose the walkabout stage so the audience is able to experience the dichotomy between the two households shown through distinct design contrasts between the two household as the story progresses.


- Done By Francine Chan, Chan Shi Hui, and Timothy Wong

Top View
Nyx Household
Hemera Household
Presentation Board 1/3
Presentation Board 2/3
Presentation Board 3/3
Rendered Site Plan
Site Plan
Ceiling Plan
Lighting Plan
Stage 1 Plan
Stage 2 Plan
Stage 2 Section
Technical Detailing
Technical Detailing
Technical Detailing
Technical Detailing