SPATIAL DESIGN - Design research

Hello, I guess the things I do don't fit into a box and it's a bit hard to summarize it but I'll try. 


I started off as a spatial designer in Singapore and got restless doing just that, found myself in Goldsmiths UOL, got more than I asked for and my ass handed to me for three years and my design evolved into a post-disciplinary approach supported by design research. I still do spatial design, just different and with more stuff. 


I like exploring the entanglements between spaces and people, looking for new narratives through the conflicts that arise; things that make people question and second guess themselves.


My works cover a wide range of subjects and approaches from the urban ecological crisis to prototyping man-made islands, always inexplicably drawn back to spaces and relationships with them. 


Some Sort of Alien Nature is my current design research that investigates human's evolving relationship and exploitation of "ecology" — viewed as a designed manifestation of human behaviour. It will be uploaded to this site once we are done obsessing over it. 

Take your time going around this website, help yourself to the extra bits with some cool zines, writings and other fun stuff.