the life of zen (2017)

This film follows the story of a man who is deterritorialized from the world due to his deconstructed perspective of spaces. 

Man #1 has difficulty interacting in social situations and therefore, this film depicts him interacting only with his imaginary best friend.

The audience views the world through his eyes and lens. The film shows the audience Man #1’s daily routine which includes getting up, transporting himself to the coffee shop for breakfast, his time spent in school, his downtime along with what he does when he returns home. 

At the end of the day, Man #1 always reflects upon his day and the places he spends his time at through a visual journal, in which he draws the world through his eyes which may not be what the world is actually like. 

This routine shows the audience Man #1’s purpose and interaction with objects in a deconstructed way, in which ordinary objects are re-purposed.