Re-designing anthropology. Situating the "alien" within society through limitations that affect our interactions within society.


Communicating without words of emotion, searching for signs of mutual understanding. This came in facial expression, physical cues, and tones. We analyzed this and understood that even without a fixed structure or vocalized sounds, there were still forms of semiotic languages that we could explore through design.


Everyone had their own interpretation of emotions and perceptions. From coded languages to physical responses and synesthesia, we embraced our differences and created 6 unique designs around the same narrative to understand how the ZAO would find ways of expression.

They each had their own systems and structures based on core emotions - happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. They co-existed in the same ZAO world but functioned as personal tools of expression, without the intention to explicitly communicate, only performed or documented.

Project By: Francine Chan, Jamilya Kulambayeva, Seo Yeon Park, Tina Chin,

Wu YuIun, Yijun Xiong

Emotions Frame This World

raised by "likes"

Teach children to say sorry and thank you,

Be nice to your friends, respect your elders.

Mind your words, remember not to cuss.


Playtime groups are now online

How many likes have you got? I lost 10 today,


They unfollowed me when I cried.


Everyone should be different

But don’t show your flaws.

Airbrush your persona

Say you’re fine when you fall.


**We no longer need to eat out, talk to people and deal with face to face situations. Food comes in the form of a stranger at the door. Card not cash, open and close.**


**We misinterpret and misunderstand with online feuds, keyboard warriors and all-out virtual wars??  Are we talking as ourselves or playing out our characters?


**We tread around the edges of finely carved boundaries of social appropriateness. Where is the line between jokes and insults in an increasingly sensitive landscape.**


**We become human robots following a script. Pushing us to be unique and non-critical yet unable to accept flaws in the systems or respond genuinely for fear of offense. **

Emotional Board - Tina
Emotional Board - Tina
Emotional Board - Tina
Emotional Board - Tina
Emotional Manifestation - Tina
Emotional Manifestation - Jamilya
Emotional Manifestation - Jamilya
Emotional Manifestation - Jamilya
Emotional Manifestation - Jamilya
Emotional Manifestation - Seo Yeon
Emotional Manifestation - Yu Iun
Emotional Manifestation - Francine

My language is an instinctual system based on the idea of rituals. It’s meant to be performed, documented in glyphs symbolizing movements and then reflected on through a ritual that tells a story about the emotions within a situation using different mediums and canvases that varies according to the events and people involved.

Ritualistic Systems 

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Instinctual Chaos



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